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About Suresh Padmanabhan 

He is an author of 5 bestsellers, founder of 7 international original workshops and an International Speaker since 19 years. He has spoken to more than a million people on various topics of self growth. He is a subject authority on Money, Mindfulness and Meditations, Manifestations, and Spirituality. All his teachings are practical in nature.  He was blessed since childhood and he calls it as a Divine Grace. All his authentic teachings emerge from this sacred space.

  • Professional Speaker, Mentor & Life Coach on Money, Life and Spirituality, Author.
  • Suresh Padmanabhan is a Subject Expert on Money, Wealth Creation and Financial Freedom. He created Money. Workshop and has been conducting it worldwide since the last 18 years. He has spoken to more than a Million people.
  • Suresh Padmanabhan was born in a family that upheld and followed the ancient Indian Vedic Tradition. This rich and enlightening legacy became embedded in Suresh DNA, so to speak. He is grateful for this divine grace. All his original and authentic teachings emerge from this Sacred Space.
  • Suresh first book “I Love Money” became an international bestseller with translations in 12 languages. He has been featured in Times of India, Hindu Business Line, Speaking Tree, Zee TV and many leading national newspapers.
  • His bestselling books are I Love Money, On Cloud 9 and Street Smart.
  • Suresh has authored 5 bestselling books, created 7 original and internationally acclaimed workshops on Money, Wealth Creation, Eastern Law of Attraction, and various aspects of Life & Self Growth.
  • His Money Workshop is very authentic and original integrating the best of Eastern Techniques like Ancient Secrets of Energy, Mantra Vibrations, Space Clearing, Prosperity Principles etc. All his teachings are experiential, intense and practical with total subject mastery.
  • He loves the wisdom of Ancient India—the rich lineage of Rishi’s, Guru’s, and Masters; feels the completeness in their teachings; and believes that India has timeless wisdom to share to the world. All his works will reflect this philosophy.
  • He is proud to be an Indian and wants the world to recognize the rich heritage of India.
  • His aim is to impact millions of people worldwide and raise their level of consciousness in all areas, especially pertaining to Money, Life, and Spirituality.

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